Lafz Unkahe -3

Hello wings ! After a very long break  I am finally back with a Lafz Unkahe -3.To connect you to those unheard words from your heart. Hope you will enjoy it.



सुनो इस आवाज़ को
मेरी लफ्ज़ में छुपी है
मेरी मासूमियत में छुपी है
मेरी आवाज़

मेरी ग़ुस्से में छुपी है
मेरी हसी में छुपी है
मेरी आवाज़

मेरी छुप्पी में छुपी है
मेरी शोर में भी छुपी है
मेरी आवाज़

हर आवाज़ की अलग कहानी है
हर कहानी की अलग एहसास
इस एहसास में भी छुपी है
मेरी आवाज़

क्या कहती है यह आवाज़ ?
कौन सुनता है इस आवाज़ को ?

यह हम सब की दिल की आवाज़ है
जो कुध हम नहीं सुनते
क्यों? क्या में सही नहीं?

Uff was it too heavy ? Hahahaha .Hope you have enjoyed reading it.Thanks for your patient to reach the end of the poem. Stay tuned to open up few more pieces of my art with me ….Till then stay happy ! stay cool! yo

Thank you







Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war?-5

Hello, wings! I am finally back!

I hope you are enjoying this journey as I am right now.

Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war?-4—–> click this if you are new bird in my nest.

To be frank, I learned about a few stories of the same epic which I never knew before as I started this journey with you- my wings, So I thank you for the same.

Mahabharata is one of the best series you should read or watch. If you find anyone who is unaware of this epic do suggest to read any book, it’s the best way to learn the right way of  leading life after all. Am I not right?

Primarily the very essence of this epic is Krishna Vaacha (Krishna’s saying), specifically the “BAGAVADGEETHA”.I haven’t mastered this but I do have a wish to do so let’s see.

Question of my previous post:” DRITHARASTRA’S ONLY SON WHO SURVIVED THE WAR”

“That son is Yuyutsu, he is an illegitimate kid born to Sughada(Gandhari’s maidservant) and Dhritarashtra. Ghandari was pregnant for more than a year as she was blessed with 100 kids, her delivery delayed too much. This made Dhritharastra impatient.He thought he may end up being devoid of kids.Hence he chose Sughada to beget a son for his family tree. This kid born to Sughada was Yuyutsu. Yuyutsu and Vikarn(Ganghari’s son) are seen as only ones among  Kaurava who walked in being righteous ie; a path of dharma. Vikarn had to fight alongside Dhuryodhan to support Kauravas.But Yuyutsu who himself was a great warrior fought for Pandavas.He was one of 11 survivors of the war and the only son of Dhritharastra who survived the war”

This will be my last post on this series of “WHO CAN BE SOLE REASON FOR KURUKSHETRA”


Kurukshetra war’s foundation stones lie in today’s post. You will finally visit the most beautiful queen Draupadi, the warrior son Karna, the teacher Drona, and finally the driving force of this war and wittiest  Krishna.



She is the woman of epitome. She is just like ink to this pen. Mahabharata is her story. Her story of being a woman of worth. If our elders ever speak about Mahabharata, it would either “Draupadi vastra harana” or “Krishna Vaacha-To Arjun”.

Let me say her life in one sentence,” Born with misfortunes, criticism but a true woman of courage to rise above all to protect dharma in right means”.

This contradicts a little, she did protect dharma,  but was it not the revenge for her humiliation that turned to be driving force for the war? This question is just a rhetorical thought that comes to mind!

But let me turn the coin for you. Now, Was it actually an act of revenge or was there some other reason behind?

If the reason behind the war was revenge which is quite evident as per storyline, then dharma would cease to exist. If revenge becomes the sole reason for our existence, then we don’t remain as humans, and dharma is a rule laid for the existence of real humans.

But I don’t entirely agree with this either, primarily because Draupadi was mere human, she would have taken revenge but  it doesn’t  matter if you consider this war as “dharma yuddh” or not .It’s natural. She is the reason for war, so I will not question it.

Had it been a war among brothers only, I wouldn’t have written my conjectures on it. But this war completely demolished inhumanity as well as   humanity , it killed hatred and love too and it did kill injustice and justice too. If this war was a personal grudge was it necessary to involve entire Bharath Bhoomi’s kingdoms to participate in the war. It completely looks strange, doesn’t it?. Suppose I cheat a person, will that person bring his entire family & relatives to fight with me for the betrayal. Seriously!!! , was it not possible to resolve this family matter within the family ?. Why was such a big war fought? Who is responsible for those who were killed in the war? Wait for a second! did they die for some revenge between someone else? Now, this is something unacceptable. Had Draupadi found a way to resolve this fight peacefully, this war wouldn’t take place.



He is the teacher of Kuru kids (ie; both Kauravas and Pandavas). Mahabharatha talked about every relation may it be brothers, mother, father, grandfather, etc…Now Drona represents one such relation it’s guru’s relation. He was indeed an excellent teacher. But extremely helpless with his unconditional love to his only son Ashwattama.A teacher spreads his knowledge without “Partiality”, “Selfless” and it’s “Unpriced” which is why we title them as the guru who will take the place of all 3 deity


That’s a guru. He is the supreme most respectable person because he is the only one who can selflessly charity education. Vidhya dhana is the only moto of guru. But guru Dhrona did he even realize this? . No he made Vidhya dhana as a business. He had demanded the worth of his teaching.


Secondly, the biggest failure of Dhrona was his style of parenting. He gave his son richness, comfort, kingdom whatnot, but couldn’t give the basic moral values to remain as human. He failed to make his son realize that he was walking on the wrong path. Ironically a guru is also called to be guiding the way to the right path in life. Parenting is a really very very sensitive concept. It can’t be neglected nor can it be overlooked, the way you pave the path, that will decide your child’s nature, attitude or character in general. Ashwattama became the result of Dhrona ‘s failed parenting ended up killing innocents kids (Brahmachari) of Pandavas. Had he paved the right path to his son  Draupadi’s vastra harana wouldn’t take place, Ashwattama himself would have stood against Kauravas to protect his sworn sister Draupadi. Mahabharath would then cease to exist.




He is the illegitimate child of Kunti. If he was considered as part of the Kuru family he would be the eldest son in the Kuru family. That’s the catch, had he been a part of the Kuru family though an illegitimate son, I can see two scenarios, there would not be a struggle for the throne by either brother as Karna is nearly 13 years elder to Yudhistir. That hope to keep the throne for Dhritharastra’s son wouldn’t be there, but yeah it’s an if scenario, we never know what Shakuni is up to. The second one is clearly Karna would have supported Pandavas representing them. Duryodhan wouldn’t even imagine waging a war against Pandavas. It was the 3 disciples of Parashurama(Karna, Drona, Bhishma) whose support made Duryodhan have guts to fight against the Pandavas.

Now let me just give a thought about his way of dharma. Karna considered trust, love, care in friendship as dharma. He was identified for his skills by Dhuryodhan when he was humiliated by all the kuru family for being a charioteer’s son. He considered this helping hand was genuine and out of gratitude he completely surrendered himself to Kauravas. He knew Dhuryodhan was going on the wrong path, yet he couldn’t fulfill his duty as a friend to stop him, neither he could stop himself from taking part in Dhuryodhan’s crimes. Ironically history talks about the famous friendship relation of Karna and Duryodhana , but I beg to differ here according to me a friend is one who pulls ear  and brings the buddy in right path no matter what, Karna was too submissive I would rather say he was a slave than a friend, friends stand on the same page, Karna and Duryodhan never stood on the same page from beginning as the basis of friendship was pure gratitude . He failed as a friend, he completely failed in making decisions when he had a dilemma with his dharma and his so-called friendship which made him obey Duryodhan. Had he really understood the actual duty being a friend he could have guided Duryodhan or in the worst case leave his side at least keep his self-respect intact. He could neither be a good friend nor could he look at his own self as he is now responsible for every deed that  Duryodhan does. Had he realized this Mahabharata wouldn’t take place.



Krishna, he was a brother of Balram who was a leader of Kingdom Dwaraka. Krishna was an observant, very clever, witty person.He is the first person who had visualized the destruction of Bharath Bhoomi much before the war. He could think far, hence could conjecture on the future. He could read people and make judgments on their actions. Hence he is still considered as a god – someone who has supreme powers to do magic. But in the epic, he was mere gwalan -(Cow keeper). He indeed was blessed with all those skills.Evidently, he could have avoided the war without hard work.But he chose not to. He considered this as eradication of bad to reinstate goodness, and redefine dharma once again. Everything else is fine, I do agree with the reason for his actions. But was this destruction one and the only way to reinstate dharma? This is still a question to ponder about. He is known to be the wittiest, could he not find another alternative to reduce the impact of the war at the very least.But he didn’t do anything, hence the war turned to the way we see in epic, with complete destruction of every kingdom who fought with Pandavas, Kauravas, so many kids became orphans, so many wives became widows, the scene was more or less the scene of people during Hiroshima and Nagasaki blast in Kurukshetra taking lives of good and bad .

Ultimately fate can’t be changed and that’s the fact. All I can do is ponder about those what-if scenarios nothing more.

Here it ends our journey to Mahabharata.Thanks a million, wings for your huge patience to reach the end of the post and of course to make me figure out more about my favorite epic Mahabharata. Stay tuned for a few more interesting posts.I will come back with another piece from my basket till then stay cool and happy.Bye


*He who practices truth without knowing if it is truth or falsehood is a fool – Krishna*


A Stranger and Love

Hello wings ! Here I am back with a post of this month!

Whoosh! Abracadabada! Today you will visit a strange story of a stranger which is stranger to read but still stranger to feel ! That’s enough with this “STRANGE RIDDLES” .Here we are diving into a piece of my art of my imagination! Hope  you will enjoy it !


Plucking a page from my dairy here is a glimpse

A glimpse of strange story of a stranger

Yes , a stranger,

My memories swayed  as I said stop ,

there I am standing in metro station ….

I boarded the train , some of the people are on seats of mansion

Always in that spot and nowhere else , all are definitely  strangers…

Some are strange in their look , their style , their language which I don’t understand

Myself too a stranger who is travelling  with them since months ,

Mind your own business is a slogan that all follow that’s best in this busy world

Every stranger was the same except for a stranger ,

He was a indeed a  stranger who always sits next to me and peep my phone

I tried to cover my phone , and yet this man doesn’t give up….I stayed quietly and ignored …

as he was a stranger to me

as I was to him

There wasn’t serious messages during morning just  good morning messages hence a time pass texts that’s all

So I didn’t mind him eaves drop….

One day he turned to me and said before leaving , “color pink is tomorrow, advance wishes dear

I nodded my head ,  I was dumbstruck  ! Exactly ! my birthday it was ! How did he know ? My thoughts and memories wandered around for a minute.

I recalled a dialogue over nearly 15 years ago a day before my birthday a man said  ” Color pink is Tomorrow! Advance Happy birthday dear

And I said  “My favorite color is pink, the rabbit is in the burrow “!

with in the door closed ,I ran back and gave a back hug ! “Sorry uncle ! not to recognize you all these while , you didn’t wait for my reply too

And I added “My favorite color is VIBGYOR , the rabbit isn’t in the burrow .Hahahaha!”

The tears rolled down my eyes , there he was my neighbor uncle

Just a senile uncle to me ,

but for him I was color to his youth life who gave him ,happiness of gugugus gagagaga , happiness of my naughtiness ,happiness of my stupidity and innocence , happiness of a daughter!

He was childless !

He always said that “favorite color changes as you grow up and finally you will like all the colors of the rainbow ! that’s how you grow up “.

But now I realize what he meant  “broader my thoughts , broader will life be ! I will then see not just one color but all colors of life that’s how I should grow up  as I come out of my burrow “he said back then.

Is he a stranger to me ? Of course until now !

Was I a stranger at all to him once , not at all

That’s love !

Love itself is a strange but yet comfortable  !Don’t you think?

That’s it for today ! Stay tuned to read more from my pieces of art ! Till then stay healthy and cool .bye!

Thank you wings


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Parijatha-From Death To Life

Hello wings! Today  I am making you walk on my words that is pretty long this time.Yes,it’s a short but a thriller story.I remember seeing   this in some TV show in my teens really really long back .So I don’t remember  all the details as such,the actual writer has pictured in fantastic way ,I guess my words could be far immature ,but yet I have made an attempt.To be frank ,I understood the story after last episode aired. Hahaha!It’s indeed weird series I have ever seen.This is dedicated to that writer X  I don’t remember though.Hope you enjoy it.

And Yeah Wings ,this story may not be understood in one go .As the tag line says it’s from death to life ,hence read slowly so that you can connect the story with the previous lines.


                               FROM DEATH TO LIFE

FotoJet (1).jpg

A lady jailer in central jail approaches to the cell where Parijatha has been kept since 1.5 approx years .


The Last Page Of The Story


PARIJATHA:108 Convicted for a murder  ,sentenced to be hanged for the crime.Today she is summoned for the same .She has a pale face with her white saree on (it’s the uniform for a convicted criminal).She shows no reaction even on hearing this tense news.It looks as if she has lost complete hope in her life  or she has no reason  to live.She is taken into a dark room(venue to hang criminal) at exactly 11:55 am .The voice  of her last  breath mixed with sound of clock as it strikes  12 !  .No hero enters ,time doesn’t stop ,no jailer gets any call from higher official as we witness in  any melodrama .She isn’t blessed to see new year too.It’s the end of her miserable life.

Who was she actually?Whom did she murder?Was she really a murderer?


The Silence Around and Truth beneath


A jailer approaches the cell with  attendants Suhana(Parijatha’s little sister) and a lawyer. Suhana says “Pari,I beg you ” she weeps and continues pointing at the lawyer “He can get you out of here,please speak out what happened on that day” . Parijatha stays still sitting in cell not moving an inch from her place. Suhana says “Pari Please ,at least now don’t do this ,this is our last chance ,Speak up I don’t want to loose my sister,I love you.Please I want you to stay alive for my sake…Please Pari I beg you “She weeps again.Parijatha approaches her ,manages to put her arm out of the bars and comforts her sister .These are the  last words she uttered before her death “Su, don’t cry !I am not worth of your tears.I am not your sister too.Forget me,Forget once you had a sister. Parijatha is just a very long dream in your life.She doesn’t exist.I have no identity.I am no one’s family .Please don’t visit me ever again.Please don’t waste your tears on me That’s my last wish I ask you to fulfill ” , She said in blunt tone without winking her eyes once.

Parijatha is  a prime suspect of a murder that took place at “Himadri” Villa in Bangalore on 01-01-2016.

Name :Himanshu Singh


Height:5 6”

Date&Time of death:01-01-2016, 2:30am

Cause:Choked to death


Memories  to Ponder


Suhana approaches her ,starts her monologue as usual .She says “Raghav you remember ,milkman fell off from his bicycle .All the beautiful ladies near by lifted him,asked if he was fine etc etc… I seriously doubt whether it was an accident or you know what I meant right Pari? Haha!Our neighbor Kamala ,  Remember! she is blessed with a baby boy ! finally you have a brother Pari,You always wanted a brother right?I am sorry ,I was born as girl.But yeah,I do have capacity to do anything a boy can do”

Suhana recalls :

Pari:Su ,What kind of girl are you? sit still I will pull out the thorn stuck on your feet.

Su:Pari ,I am fine(Pushes hands off)

Pari:Shut up,otherwise I will …….hey look above your favorite star is waving (Pulls out thorn)


Pari:My idiot Su ,Did you actually study astrophysics ?Which star will wave at you ?You  live in fantasy world.Wake up!!Hahaha!!

Su:Akka………(She screams angrily)

Suhana continues “Don’t worry Pari ,I will get you out of here”.Parijatha doesn’t utter a single syllable .She remains silent.Her breath is only proof of her being alive . She sits in a corner like a lifeless stone , barely moves , expressionless.Even a rooted tree sways when wind  blows expressing it’s happiness.But Parijatha ………


Was It Really An Accident?


On TV345 channel at 6:00pm reports a news of a accident .It reads,

A women age 30 died on spot as a biker hits on NH456 road at 2:30 pm,the deceased works at Diwakar &Sons hospital as nurse since 2006.The hospital has assured with compensation to the family Rs 2,00,000 to give respect for her meticulous work in hospital for past 10 years.

Name:Milli Mathew


Height:5 3”

Date&Time of Death:16-06-2016 /2:35pm

Cause :Excessive bleeding ,spleen rupture ,Heart failure


Guilty But Helpless


A lady in nurse outfit her coat reads Diwakar &Sons Hospital (her name Milli)meets Parijatha in cell ,She says “Didi! I am sorry .I am helpless .I wanted money  for chemotherapy of my brother who is suffering from lung cancer.But I can’t confess ,they will kill me”.Parijatha replies ,”I know ,You can leave” , bluntly, expression less. Milli replies “Didi !If you blame me I will accept it .But I can’t bear your silence.It’s my fault didi!it’s my crime….” she weeps and continues “I will accept your statement whatever you give ,at least this way I can relieve myself from the guilt.I can’t let you die didi!Speak up didi! Don’t stay silent ….Your silence is killing me.Please !!!”.Parijatha replies “Please leave don’t come back again.I expect nothing from you” she says bluntly turns back to her dark cell ,settles back in her usual corner where there is just one pin hole where light reaches her in this dark cell .


Surrender Unexpected


Parijatha reaches Vajpaye nagar police station gives her statement of Himanshu’s murder .She confess that she killed Himanshu Singh .She says,”He was a cheat .He had an affair with another girl”.So she confesses that she  killed him !.She says “I set myself free from him and his memories ……” and weeps relentlessly without a break.

Why did she confess the crime she didn’t commit? What made her do so?


A Glimpse Of  The Truth


Parijatha in search of evidence ,reaches D&S hospitals ,she passes by the washroom just then she hears someone speaking on phone in the lobby ,she stops…..

XX: Our plan is super success ,finally I own this hospital .Himanshu is such a stupid person.People say “People in love are Mad” , our Himanshu isn’t just a mad he is stupid too.He took the last dosage himself , and died .By the way what is Parijatha doing ?Is she still in zone to prove her innocence? ,which is never possible hahaha.I rather feel pity for her ,Himanshu got himself killed to save her ,and now she is framed for his murder.Poor one,their love couldn’t bring them together ,I hope their death brings these souls together.”

Parijatha is  devastated to hear this.She finally realizes reason behind  Himanshu being with another lady .Parijatha blames herself for Himanshu’s death.She weeps. Himanshu  loved her so much that he killed himself for her sake!!.She doesn’t utter a word.She loses all hope in her life .She decides to take right step.


Searching The Wrong Door


Police visits Parijatha’s home with a search warrant . She screams as to why was her house being searched.She says”I didn’t kill anyone.I have not done anything…..Please believe me …..” She weeps and continues “Please give me time ,I will prove my innocence inspector ….Please “She weeps.


In Search Of Truth


Parijatha and Suhana reach D&S Hospitals and Parijatha ask the receptionist “Where is Dr Kedar ?”.Dr Kedar was Himanshu’s family doctor.She meets Kedar and ask if he could let her see the last medical report of Himanshu. Kedar replies “Pari, You were the first one to see this report .Remember!!! what more do you want to see? You should know better after all you are his personnel assistant” . Parijatha asks  “Doctor , Is there anything that you are hiding ?….Please doctor I am a murder suspect doctor ….I need to prove my innocence”.  Kedar replies “I know you Pari ,I believe you…  you can never kill anyone but all the evidences are pointing towards you , I can’t help”. Parijatha replies “Doctor I feel strange, Himanshu had fever for about 8 weeks  before his death and he never showed any improvements ,  but he was never admitted to the hospital and his blood reports showed he had normal flu.How can normal flu lasts for weeks? Doctor! you said he had less immunity hence would  take a long time to cure ,moreover autopsy report says different story ,it says Himanshu’s death was due to choke.I was there all the time and no one entered room ” .Kedar replies” flu was normal one ,his blood test didn’t reveal anything to worry before I left to USA a week before ,Nurse Milli took care then “


A Shocking Report


Autopsy report says choked to death and forensic team reported Parijatha’s fingerprints on his collar and neck.Parijatha isn’t still in right mind.She is in trauma.She can not believe her beloved Himu is no more.She is stunned.


The Sprout Of Mystery Begins

Date :01-01-2016

At Himadri Villa ,New year party celebration .All faces covered by mask , as if everyone had a bitter truth to be  hidden behind it .Himanshu is in his  room sleeping .Himanshu stays with his Uncle Karan  and his Grandparents.He is the owner of D&S hospitals built by his parents who were doctors themselves . He took responsibility of hospital after their death as it was his parents dream.

He is ill since  weeks ,he has severe flu .He felt feverish on today  too .Hence Uncle Karan is with him to take care and made all arrangements for party on his behalf.

At 2:00am ,Himanshu wakes up to take his medicine takes 4 shots at once.He says “I think today it is”.He smiles and goes back to bed as he recalls his beautiful memories with his first love Pari.

At Pari’s house….

Parijatha ,is devasted .She tells her sister Suhana “I can’t believe that he is a cheat….I feel like killing him right now “. Suhana replies “Pari calm down ,Himanshu jeeju can never do so ,I know him ….You may be having some  misunderstanding” . She replies “Dare you call him jeeju !He is not worthy to be called so.I have witnessed it in my own eyes “.She leaves for Himanshu’s house in anger .She sneeks into the party though she was uninvited guest ,covers herself with a mask.She looks for Himanshu ,but he isn’t around .She then enters Himanshu’s room and sees Himanshu and bursts out her anger.She goes to him and hold his neck and collar  and says “I will kill you”.But then she calms down as she makes an eye contact with him,… after all  he is her first true love.Himanshu replies “Pari !I am glad you are here !I wanted to see you for the last time “. But her scorching anger made her pay no heed . She replies  turning her back “Why did you cheat on me? Don’t I mean anything to you ? Do I look pathetic to you ?Was I desperate to seek your love?No Himu !You proposed me ! How can you do this to me?” He replies “I still love you.I will love  you forever Pari ” Pari continues “You love me ? Had you loved me at least a bit …..You wouldn’t hurt me this way .Do you remember ?  ,Other day in park you proposed me and promised me that you will never leave my side. Himu !You have hurt me to such an extent that I now feel did you even love me? ” She weeps and weeps .She says “What changed you so much Himu ?Did I do anything wrong?Answer me Himu!Answer me!”She weeps and sits down .She says again “You didn’t answer me Himu ! Did you ever love me ?Don’t stay silent .Answer me !” as she says she turns around and finds Himanshu laying in bed unconscious .She rushes and tries to wake him up ,but he doesn’t wake up .She checks pulse and heartbeat …..To her shock, not a single feeble pulse she felt. Himanshu was dead.She screamed in shock .Everyone gathered to witness the body lying on bed calmly. And beside  him is Parijatha . She has been gasping and weeping all her heart . Police sent the body  to postmortem .Parijatha is taken to police custody  for enquiry. She is shocked …she didn’t utter a word.


A Planned Affair


Himanshu finds out Parijatha’s whereabouts.She is an event manager for the new year party  at his house that night . He shows up with a girl .And introduces her as his girlfriend to his Uncle Karan.Parijatha catches this sight ,she is shocked to see him with another women.She is infuriated and heads straight towards him .

Parijatha :”Himu how can you cheat on me? Was this your so called love?”

Himanshu:”Pari!Just shut up ,You are no more than a secretary . I just spent time with you and I cared about you as a secretary that’s all.It was your misunderstanding of my care as love and stuffs”

Parijatha:”Himu !Stop it! What is wrong with you? You loved me more than I do  myself. You could sense my mood ,read my thoughts ,you always missed me .Did you forget all that? Himu tell me , Is anybody forcing you? Is there anything you are hiding? Himu ! Answer me !You can’t say that you don’t love me !I don’t believe you”

Himanshu :”Pari! Stop it already! Your dreams are running wild. Hold on! Hahaha! Seriously! look at me ,do you think I love you? I mean ,why will I love you ,I am Himanshu Singh the owner of this area’s top hospital ,  and just look at yourself , you are an  old fashioned middle class women!!”

Parijatha:” I never expected ,I would say this , Mr Himanshu Singh!!  but let me tell you this , I had once told you I hate people who change their color , today you join the same list Mr Owner ,right? But let me tell you one last thing , I had loved you wholeheartedly ,now since I have a valid reason for this break up ,I will make sure I will hate you wholeheartedly too.You are my life’s  longest nightmare ,I will never see you again.Take this as my resignation.Goodbye Mr Himanshu Singh!!! “

Parijatha stormed out of his house without looking back again.Himanshu smiles with contentment and tells the girl that her work is done ,she can leave .He goes to his room takes his injection lying ready on the table.


Mystery Revealed

Date:25- 12 -2015

Uncle Karan: “Himanshu how are you ? “

Himanshu :”Yeah ! I am ok, Just a little weakness probably because of fever , else I am dashing ,you know !!Haha!”

Uncle Karan:” I am sorry son ,I shouldn’t ask this specially when you are sick  but it’s urgent ,I need few signatures Himu , all the work is delayed and we haven’t given New Year bonus to the employees so….”

Himanshu:”It’s fine! You are right our employees should have their bonus on time .Give me the papers” . Uncle Karan gives the paper .He signs them.

At 9:00pm ,Everybody is asleep.Himanshu wakes up to drink water as the jug was empty he goes towards kitchen.He hears feeble voices of someone ,he feels  strange ,he follows the voices ,he finds Nurse Milli who gives him daily injection to reduce his fever  speaking with Uncle Karan and next to him is his Aunt Reena (Uncle Karan’s wife) at the lobby.He tries to eavesdrop their conversation hiding behind  a wall.

Nurse Milli:”Sir ! I can’t do this anymore. I am dying inside . I can’t betray Himanshu Sir anymore.I can’t kill a patient being a nurse myself”

Karan:”Shut up !Milli ,You can’t back out now .You better know I am your brothers doctor. It’s very easy ,anyway he is in 2nd stage of cancer , all I have to do is to  delay his surgery a little more”

Nurse Milli:”Sir ! Please sir , You can’t do this to my brother .He is my only family .Please!”She weeps.

Himanshu is perplexed , he doesn’t understand what was going on? He decides to ask directly .He approaches to the lobby .Karan and Reena  are stunned to see him.

Himanshu :”I heard your conversation Uncle ! All your safes are open ! You can’t hide anything . Now tell me why are you trying to kill me? “.

Reema(Uncle Karan’s wife) & Karan  shocked.

Reema says to Karan:”It’s no use Karan, he heard everything ,better tell the truth to this poor guy who will anyway die in no time! Haha!”

Karan:”You are right ,I ‘ll tell him truth ,it’s a better way.Now I can see helplessness in his eyes before his death.My revenge will be then avenged in full essence.”

Himanshu:”Now shut up! what are you talking about?why the hell will I die? Now that I know you evil faces … Do you even call yourself a doctor?What is wrong with you?”

Karan:”Shut up !Himu , Do you even realise you are counting your days? .You have hepatitis B Himu! Hahaha! And moreover you have crossed the stage of cure too.You will die no matter what ! Now just do as I say .I will let you have a peaceful death”

Himanshu:”what! Hepatitis B!HOW!!!”

Karan: “Hahaha! Last month you had passed out in lobby  , you thought it’s weakness ,but it wasn’t I had injected myself hepatitis B  virus into your body. That’s how you had fever and fatigue all the time.

When your father  died ,he inherited all his property to you , not a single penny he left for me.I asked your father to at least help in building a small clinic for our future sake.But your father didn’t help .He is stingy and shrewd person.So I thought of snatching whatever I need from you at any cost.And I did succeed .Hahaha!Look at you ,you are naive ,and you believed me and ended up digging your own grave.

I asked my US friend about this virus ,this disease doesn’t show noticeable symptoms . Even Dr Kedar doesn’t know about this .Don’t worry your postmortem report will also be taken care off.Hahaha! You were suffering from fever hence I made an arrangement of this Nurse Milli ,I gave her money to inject you daily Hepatitis B virus.You continued with the injection thinking it  as a medicine for your fever.Now you don’t have a comeback even though you run to the hospital . It’s too late !”

Himanshu  was devastated hearing this ,completely shattered.

He says: “Why !You  could have asked me ,I would have given you property assets whatever. Now who will take care of my grandparents after me!why did you do this to me?” He kneels down crying.

Karan: “It’s good , Since you  know the truth , Milli you can go now .Himu ! Since you know already ,take your dosage of injection yourself .I need not worry to give you medicine.You better know ! It’s me ,who will be with your grandparents…so I think you understood right?.  They are old and senile , I have nothing to do with them unless you obey my words”

Himanshu gets enraged , he says:”Dare you touch them! You better know they hold the power of all my assets ,it’s in their hands not you.Ohh Didn’t you know that ?Hahaha!”

Karan:”Nonsense ! It’s not so Himu! Don’t fool me around!”

Himanshu: “Good enough ! You kill me then them and all your dreams will be in hands of  “Ray Of Hope” the orphanage .At least this way the mark on your character may fade a little”

Karan immediately calls his lawyer ,and confirms the will .Karan  is shocked to hear,everything that Himu said was truth.

He makes another call :”Hello! Neeraj bhai! Salamvalaicom! I have a work for you .” He sends picture of Parijatha .He calls Neeraj bhai again :”Deekho ! this girl lives near Vajpaye nagar police station .You have to kill her and show it as an accident when I tell you do! Ok! Wait for my call!” Other person says “Okay saabji! Jaisa aap kahe!” Himanshu tried but couldn’t eaves drop Uncle Karan’s words.

Karan to Himanshu: “Thanks to you I now realize how precious your grandparents are , they trust me so I needn’t do any hardwork with them.As I said they are senile!Hahaha!But sorry ! Now I can’t delay your death. You better take your injection twice and kill yourself . “

Himanshu: “Hahaha! Uncle Karan ! My grandparents would never give the property  to a person who killed their grandson! I will reveal everything to them .What will happen to you Mr Karan? Hahaha! My death is after all not a waste “

Karan: “Himu! I am talented player in this field! Don’t underestimate me! Your girlfriend’s life is in danger .If I give one phone call to my men ,she will be dead.I know very well how much you love her.Don’t you dare tell anything to anyone.Just take double dosage here onwards till you die”

Himanshu: “Why have you involved Pari ?She has nothing to do with this. Uncle Karan I am giving you last warning don’t you touch my Pari!!!”

Karan:”Seriously! You think so.Hahaha! Okay then ,I will not touch her.Cut all ties with her .She is too intelligent ,I don’t want her to spoil my plans .Take your injection sleep ,till you die”

Himanshu  helplessly says :”Okay ! I will…..hhhmm…… I will kill myself….”


The Fragrance Of Parijatha Around

Date: 13-12-2015

Pari and Himanshu on a date in park,

Pari says to Himanshu ” This park is looks too good today right?”

Himu : ” Haha! That’s because I am with you! You know I am magical person! I can do things which no one can !”

Pari: “Shut up ! haha !So you think you are genius ! Should I remind your so called genius achievement .You are such a forgetful person that I have never seen. Last year you forgot your own birthday ,who can do that ?hahaha!”

Himu: “It doesn’t matter as long as you are with me .Hahaha!By the way I have never forgotten yours though , so  your birthday is technically mine too.”

Pari:”Ohho !Seriously? How so ?”

Himu: “Simple it is day I met you too 5 years ago , and you are my life ,so the day you are born is the day I found my soul ,till then I was just a soul less body “

Pari:” Hello ! What happened ? Are you alright? Haha ! It looks you are making a death confession to me .Pull yourself together. Can’t you just say me I love you ? Why do you want to bring me and my birthday for this ? haha!”

Himu and Pari are lost in each others eye. Himu says to Pari ” I LOVE YOU PARI”

Pari  doesn’t say anything she gives a broad smile that shows her reciprocating acceptance of Himu load and clear !

What more can a girl ask for?Here it ends the story of Parijatha – From death to life!



Hope you all liked it !

Thank You Wings for your patience .

Stay tuned to open up few more pieces of my art with me ….Till then stay happy ! stay cool! yo


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Kyunki mein abhi bhi bacchi hu

Hello! wings ! I am so sorry .I couldn’t put up a post soon.

But Yeah, now I am back again with a new venture of  poetry-story telling.

The ripe years of a persons life is the 20’s , its the most precious and shortest time of your entire life .A time when you are adult and don’t have any worries of family.This poem is dedicated to all my friends around me .Because we are in same phase of life.


kaha rahethe ho
kya karthe ho
pooche tho matlab kuch aur nikaltha hai
kisi aur ki shaadi mein sajna photo kichana muje pasand hai behad
par nahi janathi thi apni 20’s mein ehh bhi ek indication thi ki….mein shaadi ke liye ready hu…aree mein abhi bacchi hu
abhi 16 saal se maa baap ne muje sambhala hai…
abb meri bari hai kudh ko sambhal na …thoda ruko na ….duniya ghir nahi jayegi…kyunki mein abhi bacchi hu

ab bhi muje UNO kelna pasand hai, apne bhai ki chocolate churati hu
ab bhi park mein jula julna pasand hai…kyunki mein abhi bacchi hu
apne maa ki pallu mein thodi aur vakth gujarna chahathi hu….
usi godhi mein thodi aur sona chahathi hu….
mein kudh ko pehchna chathi hu…kyunki mein abhi bacchi hu

yeh meri zindagi hai aur meri hai rasta
chalo teek hai zyaada apni kahani keenchna chahthi nahi….kyunki meri smartness ab kaam ayi…
agali bar kisi ki shaadhi mein gayi tho sajke hi gayi….par keh diya ruko behenji

mein abhi bacchi hu…mein aap ki bete se nahi apke pothe se shaddi karungi…
tab tak meri lyf apni hai…

shaadi ki proposals main bhi brand tag hai apko patha hai? engineer ya doctor ki sabki kwayish hai….par ladki shaadi sirf ek permanent jeevan sathi yaa hamare modern language main sabse best friend ke koaj mein karthe hai …
ladki kudh padi liki hai doctor yaa engineer ki kya zaroorat…
par hamari duniyaa ko en sabhi discrimination ko soche ne ki hai badi fursat…
keher mein tho 20’s mein hu…meri ethni hai kahani….meri zindagi meri hai….shaadhi keliye bahut vakth hai….kyunki mein abhi bacchi hu



Thank You Wings

Stay tuned to read many more pieces from my locker .Till then stay cool ,be happy.


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Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war?-4

Hello wings ! Let me now introduce to you our handsome youth of Mahabharath epic.

And yes , In my  last post I had asked the


“Rishi Vedavyasa is the son of Satyavathi &Parashara ,Lord Shiva granted Parashara a boon that his son would be a great Brahma Rishi , he gave this mantra to Satyavathi(before her marriage with Shanthanu) as a token of gratitude for the help she offered him to cross the river .She immediately recited this mantra unaware of consequence and Parashara had to beget her a son,he was Rishi VedaVyasa.This was kept as a secret until it was disclosed to Bhishma when Vyasa was invited for Niyog of two queens of Vichitraveerya”

Now  it’s time to  present you our Pandavas and Kauravas.

Question of today is who was the only son of Dhritharastra who survived the war ?Give a thought about it.

Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war?-3—-> click this if you are new bird on my nest


krodhād bhavati sammohaḥ sammohāt smṛiti-vibhramaḥ
smṛiti-bhranśhād buddhi-nāśho buddhi-nāśhāt praṇaśhyati

This says,   Anger leads to clouding of judgment, which results in bewilderment of the memory. When the memory is bewildered, the intellect gets destroyed; and when the intellect is destroyed, one is ruined.


Our Kuru family was initially a single tree with 2 broad branches of the two loving brothers Dhritharastra and Pandu. Did it actually remain so ?Apparently that tree with single root turned out to be mere delusion.

Jealousy,Anger,Proud,False self esteem,etc etc ….These are the common emotions of any human .Even today we see cold war within house perhaps a mini mahabharath war resolved in our Civil courts. Mahabharath is the end of Dwaparyug which  paved path that we see now .Hence as I  said in my previous post that,anything you see in Hastinapur or this epic will be witnessed in later era ie;currently Kaliyuga .

Now let’s get back to the point again ,today let me talk about the kids of the great mothers of mahabharath.

Gandhari ‘s 101 kids were born after being pregnant for more than a year.She was blessed with 100 sons and a daughter Dushaala.

Kunti & Madri begot their  5 kids from Mantra .Kunti begot 3 kids and gave mantra to Madri (Pandu’s 2nd wife) who begot 2 kids .Hence 5 Pandavas were born.

Dhushaala is the only sister of  these Kuru brothers.




He is known for his determined mind to walk on the path of dharma no matter what.He never lies.I have just one question, is it good to stay methodical all your life or adjust to circumstances and be righteous in every possible manner?. As I said Dharma is right way of living which shouldn’t do injustice to anyone. Now I see similarity between Bhishma and Yudhistir .Yudhistir knew whole dice game was definitely not right.But yet he agreed with it.As he had agreed with the rules of game he didn’t speak. I rather see false prestige of him being a dharmatma made him continue the game. I have also heard that Yudhistir is known for his calmness, hence  his anger has the power to burn anything on his way of sight to ashes. And if that was the case , didn’t he get angry when his wife was being humiliated in public?.Can any dhrama be more precious than wife’s entire life and her self esteem?Never, I don’t find a single valid reason for Yudhistir as to why he chose his dharma over his wife’s life.As a king then, it was indeed a punishment for making an improper judgement that made him leave his palace.

But as a matter of fact he can’t be blamed though ,as his goodness was leveraged and used against him .Had he crossed his boundary of his own dharma this destruction of values and relationship could be avoided.

Bheem,Arjun,Sahadev,Nakul:   They are 4 pillars and 4 bodygaurds of the eldest Yudhistir.Extremely obedient towards Yudhistir.These 4 brothers again committed exact same sin as their eldest brother Yudhistir . Draupadhi was wife of 5 Pandavas . Each Pandavas had equal say as Yudhistir when their wife was put at stake in game of dice.But neither of them could stop .Why ?Because their dharma says to agree with  eldest brother(Yudhistir ).They are bound to obey orders of Yudhistir who was himself handcuffed by his own dharma . Obeying and disobeying is individuals right ,it is  an action done at the heat of the moment ,how can it be a boundary of their dharma? Can you just blindly obey another persons sayings just because you are told to do so? To be frank ,being disobedient itself shows you have some relation ,love to each other ,it is a gesture of showing I have right on you too, hence I will disobey you.Within family it is good to have disagreements to understand each other.

Now let us flip the coin, if atleast  one of 4 brothers raised a proper voice against their eldest brother to protect their wife ,would it affect their relationships with Yudhistir or other brothers?.As far as how Yudhistir is depicted ,he would rather forgive. All 5 brothers had equal chance to step out and protect their wife but none did so.

Now a big question is, did at least one of them knew actual essence of dharma?Not at all,indeed dharma can never make anyone so helpless.Had atleast one of these younger brother chose to disagree with eldest brother (Yudhistir ),neither Draupathi would be humiliated nor the war between brothers would strike.


Epic specifies 100 Kauravas ,but prominently specifies the eldest of Kaurav -Dhuryodhan .


Duryodhan: Eldest prince was born from one of the 101 jars that developed the babies of Ghandhari and Dhritharastra after nearly more than 2 years of wait.Dhuryodhan,Kunti’s son Bheem were born at the same time.Dhuryodhan was a valor,he was the strongest warrior among the 99 brothers.He is  known for his will power to accomplish anything but this zeal didn’t make him to take right step.Dhuryodhan knew dharma -the right way of living ,he just couldn’t /didn’t want to  incorporate it in his life as he felt dharma couldn’t fulfill his desires.He was a victim of insecurity ,as he was younger prince .As his father ,he too always dreamt to be the king of Hastinapur. He is an infamous personality of this epic .In our modern terms ,”Villain” could be right word.

Now let us see ourself in his shoes, he was a prince (younger in Kuru clan).He wasn’t guided by his parents as how to be righteous .His parents couldn’t punish him as either their love would come in way or they being blind would be misused.Epic says when Dhuryodhan was born many signs of ill omen was seen ,hence Vidhura advised his brother to get rid of the kid.Seriously! how can infant born  ever be a bad omen?definitely not.Had the 100 kids born meant for destruction of Kuru Clan,why would Lord Shiva grant such a boon to Gandhari which eventually turned to be a curse?

A kid is unshaped clay, it takes the shape the way you wish(Guidance).

Is it Dhuryodhan ‘s fault which made him do so many heinous crimes?Definitely not, it is the combined crime of Gandhari ,Dhritharastra,Bhishma,Vidhura,etc…for being silent spectators for his crimes, Shakuni who misused their silence and manipulated this little kid to commit crimes to get the throne which even his father couldn’t get.Had any one fulfilled their duty of being mother,father,grandfather or uncle Kurukshetra war wouldn’t take place.

Had Dhuryodhan walked in path of dharma himself, definitely this war wouldn’t take place ,and yeah neither VedaVyasa would write this epic ,nor would I  in 21st century give my conjunctures on these characters.He is the center of change after all.

Mahabharath is  as unexpected any roller coaster ‘s ride ,  it’s a not less than blockbuster movie with action+drama+comedy+thrill+etc etc.Isn’t it? I will come back with few more protogonist in my next post stay tuned till then.

Thank You Wings


Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war?-3

Hello wings ! Let me drive you again to our epic MAHABARATH .This time I am going to start my engine with a game .

In my previous post                                       

Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war? -2—>click this if you are new bird on my nest.                                                                                                                   

I had spoken about a Rishi Vedavyasa. History says he is the writer of this very epic. 

Now let me ask you this , Rishi Vedavyasa has a interesting relation with RajMatha Satyavathi the matsya kanya .What is that relation between the two?  Think?                                                                                                                                                                                 


dhyaayato vishayaanh pumsah sangasteshhupajaayate |

sangaath samjaayate kaamah kaamaath krodho abhijaayate ||

This says,When a person dwells longingly on sense objects, an inclination towards them is generated.This inclination develops into desire and desire gives rise to anger.

Mother is the supremacy of divinity in reality.Her love is more compassionate that any one .It’s the most precious gift of god. Every kid born will atleast be granted with this one wish of finding oneself secure in her self less love’s shelter(Mamatha).

There are two great mothers in this very epic .

1.Queen Gandhari(Wife of King Dhritharastra)

I have spoken about her in my previous post.   Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war?—>Click this if you want to sway your memory back .

2. Queen Kunti (First wife of King Pandu)



She is princess of KuntiBhoja Kingdom, was the daughter of Shurasena and the foster daughter of his cousin King Kuntibhoja ,as he was devoid of children.She is sister of Vasudeva (Biological father of Lord Krishna).Kunti was gifted with Atharvaveda mantras by Rishi Dhurvasa as he was pleased by patience and comfort offered by Kunti during his stay in KuntiBhoja.This mantra was used to invoke any god of her choice to beget children by them.Kunti in her teen,unaware of the power of mantra invoked God Surya ,he begot her a son and revitalized back her virginity.The eldest son of Kunti was finally born with a armor on ,he was Karna. She was unmarried teen then and this kid would be a non perishable mark on her character ,hence she chose to bury this little secret with time.She abandons this kid in river Ganges.

As a mother , was it fair on her part to do so?

Let us step in her shoes now,if she had disclosed this blessing of hers ,it would rather be a curse that stuck to her life for being clueless teen.She would have faced humiliation all her life.She would remain unmarried all her life .She would raise this warrior kid of hers.And Karna would probably be the most powerful king of KuntiBhoja .But her life would be shattered into pieces.

Based on my conjecture ,

She had two situations where she could have revealed this secret of her life.

1.Had she atleast revealed this secret to King Pandu atleast during her Vanvasa with him,he would probably have accepted Karna as eldest Pandav .But she feared of separation from her husband ,if he questions her virginity instead of accepting this kid of hers.

2.Atleast before Karna vows to be protector of Dhurvodhan ,Kunti could have reveled his birth secret with him.Karna would have understood his mother’s situation.He may not wish to join in as prince to keep this a secret ,but atleast he would not be ended to be mere pawns in hands of Dhuryodhan.

But as a child ,what was Karna ‘s mistake? Nothing ,it wasn’t his mistake that made him suffer humiliation whenever he held a bow and arrow.Why was he part of this misery when he was victim ?

Had Kunti revealed this mistake of hers ,Kurukshetra war wouldn’t take place ,as Dhuryodhan’s sole confidence in Karna as his protector would not be by his side.And Karna, if participated would fight  on side of Pandavas.

Kunti ,as mother showed her selfishness more than motherly love on Karna, also also asked him not to kill his 4 brothers ,Indirectly was it a promise to get himself killed by Arjuna?.Can we say Kunti’s intentions were incorrect ?Not exactly ,she was indeed a great mother of 6 kids .It was society’s humiliation that made her do the way she did .She was mere lady ,a women who would be seen as prostitute otherwise. But as a mother, she should have taken the arrows to protect her kid, but she didn’t do so.I would rather say she was the best mother in disguise.

Mahabharath is the only epic where we can witness every face of human as in mother, as father, as son ,as king or queen etc.Each face revealing in it’s own way the two faces of coin.We witness the best cocktail of human feeling in here anger,selfishness, love ,care ,affection ,attraction etc.See you soon wings,I will come back with more exciting characters ,till then stay tuned.

Thank you wings


Lafz Unkahe -2


 Hello wings!Here I am back again with a bang!

 Dil se nikle awaz zubhan par ahi gayi ! Yeh meri aur apke lafz unkahe kahani ki bari hai.   

 Kya hota agar har ek zindagi ek happy ending film ki jaise beeth thi?           

Apne aap ko ek bar phir niharo ,apke zindagi ki kahani kisi film ki       blockbuster  story se kam hai kya?    Hargiz nahi!                                                                                                             

Kyunki……Now that’s enough take a glimpse of my little answer to this.

Yeh tho trailer tha picture abhi baki hai.Binge it!Hope you will enjoy it.




Kuch kahani adhoori acchi hai

Kuch  aashaye adhoori acchi hai

Kuch baathe adhoori acchi hai

Zindagi ek adhoori kahani hai

Adhoorapan hi

Adhoora man hai

Adhoora man se

Adhoori hai hum

Kuch kahani adhoori acchi hai 

Kuch adhoori hai

Kuch baathe hai fanaa

Kuch pyaar hai

Dil se nikalna mana

Kuch aansu hai

Na rahthe andar na bahar behthe

Har ek pal  ek kyun hai?

Har pal ek adhoori pal hai

Aaaj ki adhhorapan

Kal ki laksh hai

Kal ki adhoorapan purso ki

Ise dhoor karna hi

Humari aasha hai

Yehi humare jeene ki baasha bhi hai

Kuch kahani adhoori acchi hai

Life is a passenger train ,truly damn slow and excellent one to bore you ,unless you have a aim to kill your time in this journey of yours.An aim should be a worthy one to satisfy your need or your greed.Being incomplete,being imperfect ,being unsuccessful is truly your daily protein drink to stay happily in your train journey.Am I right ?or Am I right?

Thank you wings for your love,  support and encouragement.

Thank you Wings


Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war? -2

Hello wings!

As I promised, today I will  again enjoy with you the journey of our epic Mahabharata .


Who can be the sole reason for Kurukshetra war? ——–>Click this link if you are  a new bird on my nest.



Our epics says that

“Dharme cha arthe cha Kaame cha mokshe cha Bharatarshabhaha Yadhihasti tadanyatra
Yannehasti na tadkvachit”

This says

“Every possible mixture of good deed and evil deeds can be witnessed in this epic.Anything witnessed in this epic (Mahabharata), may be found elsewhere, but what is not witnessed ever in this epic  will be impossible to find anywhere else too”

It actually gave  the future picture of the next yuga(kaliyuga).If the story is seen straight it seems to be the war fought just to give justice to Draupadi,but  depth of the  war raises so many questions .Let me ask one of them .If it was just for justice, was such destruction necessary ?Just give a thought about it.

Today I will talk about  King of Hastinapur- Dhritharastra(Rastra-Kingdom , Dhritha-Still) (a king raising the throne of Hastinapur after 25 yrs approx).


DHRITHARASTRA:-  He was a blind child born to Ambika the eldest queen of Vichitraveerya(son of Satyavathi and Shanthanu).He was born through a technique called “Niyog” impregnating Ambika by  Rishi Vedavyasa, who was really ugly to look hence when queen Ambika went in for Niyog ,she was so terrified to look at him ,hence she closed her eyes,due to which she gave birth to  a blind child.

This was very disappointing news for Satyavati and so she now instructed Vyasa to impregnate Vichitravirya’s second wife,Ambalika. Satyavati advised Ambalika not to close her eyes and she did not. However,at the sight of Vyasa,she became pale.Hence the kid born was weak and sensitive.I have also heard that the kid developed jaundice from birth.This kid was Pandu.

As both prince born weren’t physically fit to be the king of Hastinapur , Satyavathi sent Ambika again for Niyog, but  as she  could not muster up the courage to face Rishi(sage), she  sent her dasi (maid servant) in for Niyog instead. Dasi wasn’t scared ,she remained calm in whole process and gave birth to Vidhura ,the healthiest child ,but born to a dasi .History considers Vidhura as youngest brother of Pandu and Dhritharastra ,but as he is dasi’s child he couldn’t  raise the throne ,but he turns to be very intelligent and diplomatic Maha mantri(Minister) later.

Woow!It’s way too big story .Anyway  coming back, as  this story is usually not heard much ,I thought to make you sway a breeze towards that .To be frank I myself didn’t know till recently.

Now this was glimpse of Maharaja Dhritharastra’s story, his blindness was the sole reason for his frustration.He was born ambitious to be the king of Hastinapur , but his crowning was stopped by Vidhura (Youngest Brother of Dhritharastra) who was minister of court ,giving the reason of his blindness.This was so because the Shastras forbids the appointment of a king who has a disability.A king can never be good ruler when he is blind,such person will need other person always to rely on .Any person can misuse the king for his blindness.Ofcourse,all these were  actual facts.

But who can be blamed ?He was born blind .Was it his mistake? Or his mother’s ?Or Rishi VedaVyasa’s ?No one. He had dreamt to be the king all his life ,made himself capable enough to be so.He was indeed a valor too, with utmost desire to achieve anything . Being the eldest son of Hastinapur ,he couldn’t raise the throne.He witnessed his only wish ,shattered right before his eyes.

He did become king ,but as a substitute for Maharaja Pandu .He was never an independent king.

He always thought his strength is not to trust anyone .I must say ,he was really loving father.He loved his sons and respected their words.But the same love became path to the  destruction of his own sons.We usually have a saying  “Too much is always too bad”.His paternal love became so much that rather than love to his sons ,he became obsessed or infatuated with his sons(Putra moha).He did everything for his sons, as now he was scared of losing them.And his sons were completely surrendered to Shakuni.We  all know how Shakuni was .

He was indeed a good father to his sons but ,equally worst teacher for his sons.Had he loved his sons in actual terms ,he needn’t have been scared of losing them.

Had he  trusted  atleast his own people, Bhishma’s guidance would have shown  him right direction. His jealousy,anger,insecurity,infatuation for his sons, would find a way to leave his mind and soul .If he had chosen right path and accepted the mishaps in his life,Kurukshetra war would not have taken place.

In this story of dharma and adharma(Mahabharath), if you try digging deep yourself you  will find that every person can be held responsible for the destruction in this way or that.

That’s it for today, Don’t worry you will never feel drowsy as you walk across my pieces of art ,I guarantee that. See you soon wings.I will come back with more characters in my next post.Till then stay tuned .Bye

Thank youWings#WingsToMyThoughts

“I am different, not less”-Autism

Hello !Wings,

Today I will make  you to witness a new vision , a new perception to see  an autistic child .This is dedicated to  all those genius probably around me , or you or anyone.


I don’t speak when you are around

Though I seek your love

I may be weird when I am in crowd

With you I feel secured

I may act violent

I may sometimes be unexpectedly silent

I feel what you feel

I just don’t find words to tell

I may not understand what you speak

Yet to me you are as precious as any antique

I may even overreact

You are my friend ,don’t take it to heart

I may do things repeatedly

You should know ,I am too friendly

I may get excited on unimportant things

But I don’t care as  long as you are my friend and you are my wings

THANK YOU WINGS #WingsToMyThoughts